Have Satisfying Intimacy for the Rest of your Life

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Hey guys, want mutually satisfying sex for the rest of your lives?  Jump in with me, your sex communications wingwoman and friend, lets go.

You want to talk long time without sex? 

I bet I have some of you beat, lol.  I was a 52 year old woman and had been celibate for 7 years.  I went through years of active grieving over my husband’s death, raising our young son without his father and asking myself late at night alone in my too big bed, who the hell am I now? And the “who am I” was for all the parts of myself, including the very personal part that is my inner sexual being, my body, and my heart.

Im Lori, and welcome to my new internet digs, Getting your Groove Back, where I, as your trusted wingwoman, help you rebuild your sexual and emotional love life with a new, evolved mindset, acquired smarts and spankin communication skills.  This site’s offerings and blog is focused for men over 45 but younger men may benefit as well.

 After all those years of abstinance I was in real need of a primer course on how to be confident in my own skin again for inner sexual alignment, and new, sexual communication skills for mutual sexual satisfaction in relationship. I quickly found out I would need to do more than just buy some new outfits, I needed to make real effort to achieve my 2 ultimate goals: being whole again within my sexual self and connecting with the man who I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.   I did some inner sexual coaching for a rejuvenated mindset, read almost everything about human nature, including neural programming, the psychology of dating in mid life, relationships in the 21st century, spirituality and the sexual self along with way too much on how the body changes during the loss of hormones. 

How I Understand and Connect with YOU

Now you might be wondering, as a guy reading this, how I could understand and connect with you, well everything I have just told you could easily track with your own relational life experiences.  If you are single and older you have invariably experienced loss of a relationship partner or wife, either from divorce, breakup or death.  You can probably also relate to realizing you can’t think like your 25 year old self as you date again and may have old relationship beliefs that desperately need a reboot.   And although you arent sharing menopause stories with your buddies at work your over 45 body is just as much in need of a new maintenance program because of male hormonal shifts and age related blood flow challenges.  

Here’s why Im excited to work with older men… men are many times looked at within our culture as not having the same number of sensitivity and emotional “receptors” as women, but in actuality that’s just not true, it’s just we as a culture have historically taught men to tamp down on vulnerable emotions and not show or talk about their feelings etc.. And that crucial, conditioned difference between men and women informs all aspects of relationship, especially physical and emotional intimacy, setting us up for difficult relationships.   But, the really exciting part, the solution, the fix, isn’t complicated but rather incredibly simple, the solution is conscious, intentional communications. Now simple doesn’t always mean initially easy, we can’t change the past, but we can be open for growth, stay curious for life and motivate for action in the present moment and for our futures.  I can tell you from personal experience there’s real effort involved and some hard truths to work through, but it is sooo worth it. 

Your Confidential, Fun Wingwoman

So I’m offering myself as your non-judgemental, confidential wingwoman coach .  Im the knowing friend thats here for YOU, helping you re-engage your sexual being for lifelong emotional and physical pleasure and satisfaction for you and your partner.  I imagine you have been through the relational ringer and it’s past time for you  to feel good and confident of who you are today, and have better tools for realizing a fulfilling relationship in every way possible.  I will help “move” you through your beliefs that no longer serve you, get you to action on your sexual body health and lay down some awesome knowledge about you and the older woman and sex and intimacy, wrapping all that together in kick ass communication skills coaching.  

Its not in our DNA to give up on our sexual being, its one of our birthrites.  But our sexual selves have been beaten down by a culture that denies mens’ feelings of vulnerablilty and looks at sexual satisfaction in false, narrow terms..its time for men to recognize and embrace their whole bodies(including their minds) as a sex organ – NOW we are talking sexual satisfaction, and with that mindset and communication skillset, that satisfaction can last a lifetime.

I’m ready, life is short, let’s get this going together.


Lori Rudiger is a certified Interpersonal Communications Coach and passion instigator for life, relationship and love. Lori has loved wholly, lived through deep loss from partner death, and experienced dating in the 21st century. Yet, the passion for living in joy, personal agency, and connection only strengthened through the ensuing years.