I am a life and relationship coach, I am not a therapist.  A coach is someone who listens, helps the client understand and figure out how to work through their current situation and helps choose the actions to be taken for a  present and future goal.  A therapist does a much deeper dive into the client’s past and works with them long term to heal deep traumas holding the client back from a more happy, fulfilling life.

While Getting Your Groove Back and my coaching is an important resource for men in the dating and relationship world, I cannot guarantee you will succeed in your sexual intimacy and relationship goals or that you will avoid all unpleasant connections. Anyone who guarantees sex and relationship bliss from buying any course or coaching or community experience is trying to sell you sand when you live in the Sahara Desert.  What I can promise is I am there with you in this journey, together and sharing my experience and knowledge and providing you with the tools  for you to use towards your personal communicative and relational empowerment and success.