Rich, Real Intimacy for the rest of your life, and hers

Its Lori here, lets get you movin' to groovin'

As your personal Wingwoman coach I put together The Move on it Method. This is a fully rounded, personalized, completely non-judgemental approach encompassing growth mindset, sexual health and empowered communications, resulting in a better you for intimacy and relationship.

You can actualize your deeper sexual being; intimacy satisfaction is so much more than you ever knewi

Giving and receiving intimacy can be difficult to navigate..but working with me will open your life to:

Dissolving Self Doubts

Feeling Authentically Groovy Again

Reshaping the fear of Rejection

Confidently Groovin with her

No More Guessing about her feelings

She is at ease with your understanding

Ending uncertain Sexual compatibility

Beautiful Clarity of Communications

Re-energizing your physical body

In charge of your body's physical satisfaction

Expressing Needs and Desires

Establishing a smooth dance of satisfaction

Imagine a deeper appreciation of yourself, achieving fulfilling intimacy and love through Communication and Intention.

I See You, I Hear You...We Got This, Together

Communicating in Relationship in the 21st Century

Communicating the subject of sex is not easy for most , especially when dating or building a relationship; you have past relationship experiences, body changes and are rusty in communicating with a new dating partner. You need a reset and new skillsets to communicate and connect confidently again.

I was right where you are today

I lost my husband of 20 years and had to start over at 46 years old. I had always been naturally comfortable and confident in my sexual self and communications but even with those built in advantages I still needed assistance in bringing back my self confidence and my deeper curiosity groove.   

I rolled up my sleeves and got to work

I sought out personal coaching to align my inner sexuality with where my life was now. I updated my communications skillset for dating and relationship in the 21st century and was a research and solutions advocate for my body’s age related sexual health to keep the body humming. All of this personal work became a passion…so I studied relentlessly and received certifications as a life and relationship coach and as a professional communicator, with a special focus on the sexual self and intimacy communications.

Yes, I believe physical intimacy is important in relationship

I have always connected with men on a deeper friendship level, being a wingwoman many a time. I know most older men want to be in lasting relationship and that the sexual component of that relationship is very important to them, it is for me too as we all have innate sexual selves.  We can enjoy that deep intimacy in many different forms for the rest of our lives; rockin’ our beds (or the couch or the kitchen table or…) and our partners in our 50s, 60s, 70s and beyond!

I guarantee you a safe, non-judgmental, honest space to grow intimacy

How Movin On It with me works for you:

Listening to your situation and goal

I will provide you a safe space to connect to your vulnerable side and open up on where you are at and what you are looking for.

Together Discovering the Realtities

Most of us at one time or another act off a mindset based on a story in our mind rather than the facts on the ground. You and I will uncover your story and shift it to match your reality.

Motivating Options for Success and your plan!

Together we will sift through the options to create the best plan of actions working with your mindset, health and new communication skills.

Action accountability and validating Your own Intimacy Embodiment

I will be your wingwoman of accountability as you implement your actions and you will be shown how you are actualizing your deeper sexual self.

Stuck on One Thing

3-Call Session Package

Free Initial 30 minute Connection call

3 week, 50 minute Zoom video or audio calls

Discovery worksheet 

Specific challenge exercise


Get Movin' On It

6-Call Session Package

Free Initial 30 minute Connection call

6 week, 50 minute Zoom video or audio calls

Discovery Worksheet

2 Challenge Exercises

Half hour communications zoom video practice session 

Follow up email to answer any questions


Full Tilt Movin' to Groovin'

Free Initial 30 minute Connection call

9 week,  50 minute zoom video or audio calls

2 discovery worksheets

3 challenge exercises

3 five minute check-ins

Half hour communications zoom video communications practice session 

Follow up email to answer any questions


Don't let your past hold you back any longer, life is too present and get moving on it!

Just think about it:  You are getting to know a woman and feeling comfortable in communicating who you are as a whole person, including your sexual being, without the fear of feeling rejection!

Then you are grooving to co-create real sexual and intimacy satisfaction for her and receiving that back…for the rest of your lives.

Lets build a blueprint for that together.


Questions? I got your answers.

I am a certified life and intimacy communications coach as well as being a relationship coach. You may find the process to be therapeutic as you talk with me and start to  speak openly and freely.  As your intimacy wingwoman I am here to listen when you need me to listen, to support when you need support and be your accountability partner with understanding and laughter. If during our sessions we start to hit on very deep trauma challenges we can discuss the option of you working with a therapist; I’m here for YOU, whether you work with me or need someone else.

Everyone needs a life or personal coach at some point. Effective communications is the lynchpin for success in every aspect of your life:  work, family and friends, and most certainly your dating/love relationships. The most successful people in the world including athletes, executives and top authors all have managers and communications professionals to take on the role of providing an informed and intuitive perspective that is different than their own. The most self-reflective people in the world still can’t see themselves through the lenses of everyone. Even coaches have coaches, It’s the only way to stay curious and grow. 

That is 100% up to you and how committed you are. Trusting in the process and being ready to work at being honest and vulnerable with me during our sessions will get you a long way to where you want to be. If you follow through on the work I put forward to you in between the sessions you can start feeling that building of confidence and knowledge right away. You get out what you put in.

It all depends on what your goal is and whether or not you have a very specific situation, or if you are looking for a larger shift in your relational life. I offer the different packages for those reasons but we can customize on the number of sessions you want and need.

I’m specializing in men’s intimacy lives and communications but as a relationship coach I can absolutely work with you and your partner on communications and intimacy.