Confident Intimacy

Courtship to Relationship

On-Demand Classes to learn how to introduce intimacy conversation and give and receive better pleasure

Im Lori Rudiger, your intimacy communications coach and relationship wingwoman.

After my husband of 20 years died, I too had to start over: discovering my different sexual self, learning dating/relationship communications in the 21st century and becoming an ongoing advocate for my sexual body health through its changes. 

I combined my own personal life experiences with professional training as a life and relationship coach and a very open, nonjudgemental mindset for creating Getting Your Groove Back.  


The awkward informational sex talks can mess with your confidence and make you rethink your abilities to connect. Lets change that together!

On-demand beginning practical classes:

The 3.5 Dating Sex Talks

This introductory class gives you the ins and outs of the why, the when and the hows of communicating the intimate relations you want and to know what she wants, all with clarity and respect.  Sex talk script outlines included. 

The Female Menopause Primer

This is the class that succinctly defines the saying, “knowledge is power”.  You cant communicate about intimacy relations with a woman over 45 without having real knowledge and understanding of the menopausal/post menopausal woman.  Question script outine included. 

Intentional listening skills in dating

To have communications confidence you must have the tools of intentional and  effective listening skills.  This class introduces you to these skillsets, leading with this all-impoprtant skill: listen to understand, not to respond.

Mutual Sexual Satisfacton is communication, commitment to emotional intention and putting both of you first

Why would you want to listen to a woman about a man's communications' challenges? Who better THAN a woman to assist you in communicating with a WOMAN.

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This course will become available on or around January 1st, 2023