Single and Over 45?

This is Getting Your GROOVE back Baby!

Transform Your Intimate Self for Relationship and Love

Shift Your Mindset to
who you are now
Get your body
working for you
Intimacy talks done with
confidence and ease

It's time to reconnect to your ageless intimacy self, in all its forms.

You’re not alone–many women and men over 45 are experiencing a desire for a renewed sexual self yet there are barriers in the way and it’s time we start talking about this! In her book “Sex Again,” Esther Perel says that for many people, sex is the last frontier.

It was what we were supposed to give up when life became more complicated in our 30s and 40s. But now, we’re in a new phase of life where things have calmed down enough to allow us to take back some control over our lives–and one important aspect is understanding how our sexuality has changed and how to harness all our sexual selves have to offer at this time in our live.

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